Monday, September 21, 2009

Me and My Girlfriend (amendment)sorry

Hi!! I'm Derek...this is my 1st time using this blog, never thought that i'm using it..let get to the part about me and my girl...Her name is Tan Pei Yong, well she doesn't like ppl calling by her full name..just call her Pei Yong or Yong..She's born in year 1987, she's a nice girl, quiet, cheerfull person, kind, never give up that easily and there is so many things about her..Can't say that much about her in the blog..i was lucky to met did i know her??hmmmm...can't tell that's our secret...hehehe..just joking..1st time i met her in klcc at TGV after working that was during saturday..we had lunch and started our conversation she was really shy so was i..after our lunch we took a walk around the shopping center, we were suppose to watch movie but our timing were not enough so we plan to walk..while walking both of us chit chat about ourself adn so on...after the whole day and time past day by day..we started falling in love with each other...On the 26 of MAY i i'm not mistaken(geezz..wat kind of boyfriend i am..??=.=") me and my frens called me out to watch movie which was " Night At The Museum 2 " at 1 utama...and then the story goes on till it's time for all of us to watch movie...while i was watching movie, there was scene which was so romantic(i'm not sure about your opinion about this movie) i was actually wanted to hold her hand but i was scared and she also thought of holding my hand and she had the same feeling as me...After the movie, i ask her how was the movie?? did you enjoy the movie?? She said yes and we started talking about it and some other topic until it was time to fren name Pee Sheng(he's a real joker..heheh) fetch her home..on the way back i kept on thinking Derek be a man, do the right think..i was actually brave enough to do it, i held her hand in my fren's car (they didn't notice it) well er this is kinda weird for a guy like me held her hand in someone's car but who cares..if there is a chance why dun you take your chances to express your feeling to her..(am i right guys??) let's get back to the story..hmmmm..where was i??oh okie, i was afraid to that she might reject me but she didn't i was so happy and i remember wat she said to me, she said that my hand are warm and i feel so comfortable when i hold your hand..and i said i'm here to keep you warm when you are cold(talking softly to her)..i didn't get to talk much in the car cause we already reach to her front door and i said goodbye to her..i watch her from outside until she get in the house safely...

And time passes by so quickly..she did stay over in my house and introduce her to my family..and there was this problem in me which was my attitude...i always complain that she's fat but she is not actually fat and i complain that she can't even speak english properly...and i complain so much about her..and argue with my mum and she saw it..she kept telling me not to argue with your mum and my temper was kinda bad so one day i felt that there is something wrong with our relationship and ofcourse we talk about it..she told me everything which i did not realise wat i did..i felt so sorry that i made her cry and i hurt her feeling so that time i was afraid to loose tell you honestly i cried although i'm a guy..guys shouldn't cry at that time i felt so much preasure in me i can't stand it and i sang a song which she really wan me to sing in front of her the song name is " the way i do "from marcos hernandez...i felt so bad and i should not have said those word to hurt her feeling and i cried again..i should not have said that to her i repeated so many times...i feel like shouting it out in my room but i can't and i cried and i cried and i pray to god and i pray lord i dun wan to loose her, i dun wan to loose her i can't loose her..i feel so heart pain and i dun know wat to do lord...pls lord guide me and brighten up my path lord(still crying so badly)"...i just can't believe how can i hurt my girlfriend's feeling..HOW CAN I SAID SUCH A CRUEL WAY !!?? i promise her that i change myself to be a better man..i'm not going to disappoint her be honest i dun wan to loose her cause she is the women of my life which i wan to be with her till the day i am a old man and i'll hold her hand till the day i die...well guys out there pls pls do appreciate wat she does for you...give her every piece of your love, don't ever take the step that i did...i really regreted for saying such word which i hurt her and i made her cried...all the while she did not gave up trying to change me and i can't loose she is everything to me..

i truly LOVE her from the bottom of my heart and i missed her so badly..

once again guys out there do not hurt your girlfriend like wat i her as much as you can cause there is not much time for us..we do not know wat is going to happen to you next day, next week, next month and next year...



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  1. haha... how sweet... well.. did u try to change for the better?

    p.s. i always make my bf cry too.. not like i did it on purpose.. but it's kinda fun in a way. =X i still do love him though